Day 2 in Hoi An: Tailors and tea

Tailors and food in Hoi An

Rise and shine!

The view from our room

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Today we are headed to the tailor and to explore this small town of Hoi An.

First stop: Bebe Tailor

Our first choice was Bebe because of all the good reviews. The shopfront was pleasant.

Chau, a female Vietnamese lady, attended to us. She was nice to us and patient even when we bargained. Towards the afternoon, she did seem more tired.

We went to the first store. Ask for Chau!

Chau gave us helpful suggestions within our budget and weather constraints. The ladies’ summer cloths were satisfactory for me.

We decided to walk around to explore more tailors.

After bargaining and comparing prices, I would have to pay USD500 for all these summer work clothes:

  • Blazer
  • Matching skirt
  • Matching pants
  • Sleeved dress
  • Sleeveless dress
  • Sleeved silk shirt
  • Sleeveless silk shirt

My boyfriend will pay USD350 for:

  • Blazer and matching pants
  • Collared shirt
  • Two collared shirts for our friend

If you go to Bebe, do bring about USD100-200 for your deposit.

Next stop: Yaly Tailor

This is another large tailor in Hoi An. It was just 2 minutes by foot away from Bebe.

I can see a difference in standard with Bebe. Here the staff was less attentive. Oh well!

Lunch: Dao Tien River restaurant

Another 2-3 minutes by foot was this restaurant I found through Google Maps.

Final damage: VND530,000.

This was really pricey. If you would like a bite at a scenic and spacious place then this would be nice.

Post-lunch: Reaching Out Teahouse in Hoi An Old Town

The weather is hot in Hoi An, so bring sunblock and all your summer clothes.

By 3pm, my boyfriend and I were hot sticky messes. I do not know how girls wear any make up in this weather.

Visited Reaching Out Teahouse, a “silent cafe”. It was indeed silent. The staff do not talk and may be deaf.

It was a great respite from the hot weather.

To order, signal to the waiter/waitress and show them the block.
Chilled green tea
Vietnamese coffee tasting set

The drinks can be ordered chilled.

In total, we paid VND346,000 or USD15.80 for:

  • Oolong tea
  • Vietnamese green tea
  • Coffee tasting set
  • Cookie tasting set
  • Sweet potato cake (more like chips)

It was worth it. But soon after we just headed back to the hotel. It was too hot to do much.

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