Estetica Beauty’s ést.lab Skincare Products vs Klairs and Peter Thomas Roth

Sensitive skin makes the search for suitable beauty products more difficult.

I’m back from a short break in Korea!

Before I go into this review, here are some beliefs I hold about skin care. They may be unique to me, but I believe this applies to many people.

Personally, the quality of my skin is directly affected by these three factors: sleep, diet, and exercise. My skincare has a lot less impact on my skin. For instance, I could use the most suitable products for my skin and still look like death after only three hours of sleep.

I don’t expect my skincare products to be a miracle cure. I think products ideally should just maintain my skin as I’m in aircon all the time. So as long as I wake up and my skin looks rested and plump, I’m good.

Sometimes it’s all about the experience. Between two products that maintain my skin reasonably well, I’d go for the product that feels more luxurious.

Review time! 💄


Klairs and Estetica products

Recently, I was gifted some Estetica Beauty products (read all about the experience here).

My skin woes: Sensitive skin, itchy scar area on right cheek from an old wound, pimple scarring.

The products recommended by Estetica Beauty are for sensitive skin users like me.

1. Serum


Background: I’ve been using Klairs for some time. My friends gave Klair’s Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop raving reviews so I thought I would give that a go. But after applying about 85 percent of the bottle, my skin started itching slightly and turning a little patchy and red after each application.

I switched to Klairs’ soothing moist serum this time. The first few applications went kind of well, but the serum dried quickly and also left me with dry itching skin. Still, mixed with my usual moisturizer, it worked fine.

With ést.lab’s Ultra Hyalusol Serum, I can worry a little less about the itching.

The consistency of this serum feels like any watery and hydrating serum, but it spreads super easily on my face. Overall? I would repurchase it.

Niacinamide lovers, gather!

The ingredients

I was happy to know that ést.lab’s serum and cream both contain an ingredient called niacinamide, which treats complexion issues.

Years ago, I used a product with niacinamide from Ponds and my skin was really nice. I never found a good replacement so I was quite happy when I read the ingredients list!

2. Cream

I fell in love the first time I saw Peter Thomas Roth in Sephora – it gives the feeling of sheer luxury, from the appearance of the jar to the texture and smell of the cream.

Here are my favorite skincare products from Peter Thomas Roth.

Overall, my Peter Thomas Roth creams did a lot to improve my skin.

The Vitamin C Brightening Moisturizer did brighten and moisturize my skin without any itching. It’s a reliable pick-me-up. Still, I was probably overzealous in applying the cream, which would make my skin slightly oily the next day.

The rose stem cell bio-repair gel mask is another winner. The first time I applied it, I felt tingling on my face that was not unpleasant. My skin did not react to the gel which was great.

When I woke up the next day after using this gel mask overnight, my complexion was clear and felt “translucent”. I was really excited and exclaimed, “Where are my pores?”

Instructions were to use the mask two to three times a week. The texture of this gel mask is also more suitable for masking than applying as a day and night cream.

Overall, I recommend Peter Thomas Roth very much.

Search for an all-purpose cream for sensitive skin

Nonetheless, a moisturizing cream for simple day-to-day use is quite elusive – it shouldn’t react with further treatments like the gel mask by Peter Thomas Roth, and it should be good enough as a standalone moisturizer.

Previous creams I’ve enjoyed are from La Roche Posay, which is another helpful brand for sensitive skin. Yet, I never felt like I received any bang for my buck. La Roche Posay doesn’t plump up my skin.


Can this Anti-Stress Hydra Cream be better than my creams from Peter Thomas Roth?

At least with ést.lab’s sensitive skin line, I know there’s niacinamide, so it’s not only moisturizing and maintaining.


ést.lab’s Anti-Stress Hydra Cream also comes in a fairly attractive package.

After a few weeks of using it, my verdict is that it’s a great, basic cream that suits all types of weather. I used it in both Korea and Singapore.

The only con: as it is creamy, unlike the cooling serum, I have to rub the moisturizer in a bit which generates heat and makes my skin redder.

Would I repurchase this? I think the serum is actually really suitable for my skin, but the cream is more basic. I’d encourage people to give the cream a go for sensitive skin. Otherwise, I’d keep going for ést.lab’s Ultra Hyalusol Serum and top it off with more Peter Thomas Roth products.


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