Muji’s Molded Cups will help women go braless

That was when I knew what it means to trust in Japanese engineering.

Ok, some girl talk here.

For years even before I “became a woman“, I’ve been squished, prodded, stuffed, and sliced by bras. Stray underwires prod me in my flesh, leaving me with a sore red mark. Straps press into my shoulders. Needless to say, on sweaty days, an ill-fitting bra can be tortuous and even infuriating.

Hell hath no fury like a girl with compressed underboobs.

I first went into Muji in one of Bugis’ malls to get a clear storage box. It keeps my things in office from spilling over to my colleagues’ desks – the perils of an open concept office. The design is minimalist and transforms my obtrusive belongings into a decoration.

After purchasing a number of wonderfully clear boxes, Muji has become one of my favorite haunts. I’ve discovered the variety of instant food, useful organization aids, and clothes.

Bugis is a hot, sticky, and crowded area in the city. By the time I get into office, I’m panting and pulling at my tee.The main offender is my bra. Escaping into the pantry for a cold drink and to avoid committing any public acts of indecency is my priority.

Thus, one pleasant and wholly unexpected discovery has been their no-bra gear.

Relax la, they aren’t “indecent” – they’re tops with built-in bras. These braless tops consist of:

  1. A mesh layer to hold everything together
  2. A strap at the bottom
  3. And two molded cups (no nipples!)

“Horrors of horrors! I can’t imagine going braless for a day, even at home!” I thought.

Then again, the Asian country with arguably the most conservative day-to-day dress code in the world is helping us go braless? Surely this flimsy thing should suffice!

I needed innerwear for some of my shirts and took the plunge to buy one.

The Asian country with arguably the most conservative day-to-day dress code in the world is helping us go braless.

I walked out of Muji carrying my loot.

“This is the end. I am going to walk around braless at some point in the future. OMG.” I thought to myself.

The next day, I wore the black top with the mesh cups under a lace throw over for a day. That was when I knew what it means to trust in Japanese engineering.

I think she’s wearing the braless camisole. Looks ok, doesn’t it? Image credit: Muji.

The slim elastic which provides support never once rode up my chest, or worse, my underboob. It stayed where it was supposed to be – silently strong and providing the adequate support I need.

Here are a few more observations of my new gal pal:

  1. FREEDOM! I could do whatever I wanted with my arms, chests, and back – wave them around, stretch, and so on.
  2. I ran for the bus and it definitely felt weird, but not uncomfortable. Once I hopped onto the bus, I wiggled my shirt a little and that was it.
  3. I did not look rude at all. My nipples weren’t sticking out. My boobs weren’t hanging out. I looked perfectly normal. Starting is the hardest part.

Starting is the hardest part. Go braless.

I could lie down comfortably. If you can’t sleep without a bra for any reason, you can wear this to sleep. And perhaps, your mom will finally stop telling you that you’ll get breast cancer. Yes, some people think that sleeping in a bra can give you breast cancer. It’s damned if you do and damned if you don’t!

I can imagine wearing this under, for instance, a stuffy suit just to provide some shape and absorb sweat.

The cons:

  1. It offers less support than an actual bra. I won’t know how women with E cups and above would feel. But I’m guessing that it could actually be extremely comfortable. A braless shirt could potentially provide light support without feeling like a sausage.
  2. I’ve only worn this a couple of times, so I don’t know how well it holds up in the wash compared to a bra that has more structural integrity.

To end off this post, to answer your question of why you would even want to not wear a bra, here are some outfit suggestions:

  • When you run out of bras
  • With your yoga pants for a low-impact workout session sans bounce, or under a leotard for ballerinas
  • With shorts and a stole on a warm casual day
  • Under a pullover just to feel like you’re wearing something underneath
  • When you want to wear something under a revealing top such as singlets with huge armholes
  • For lounging around at home

All in all, I truly recommend going braless with these Japanese inventions. It’ll provide you some respite from bras on stuffy days.

And to all the hardworking people who’re helping women go braless, thank you.

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