Dal.Komm Coffee Singapore

This cafe is a throwback to Descendants Of The Sun – a mix of cute and whimsical

Recently, my boyfriend’s friend’s family opened a new cafe in town. To my surprise, it’s Dal.Komm Coffee. This cafe is very popular because of its appearance in a Korean drama called Descendants of the Sun. Dal Kom, spelt 달콤 in Korean, means to have a sweet taste.

The storefront.
The storefront with the Descendants Of The Sun poster.
Part of the menu and prices. I found it rather affordable for coffee in a central location.
Part of the menu and prices. I found it rather affordable for coffee in a central location.

Coffee culture is pretty strong in Korea and many people go to cafes to have “sogetting” (소개팅). This word is basically an abbreviation for “introductory meeting” (소개-미팅), which is a meeting for people to meet the opposite sex and date.


The first thing I thought of when I entered the premises was, “After a while, many students would come here to study!”

But hmm, maybe not. Well, the place is not dimly lit, but definitely cozy and bright enough if you’re just looking to do light reading, chat, and have coffee. Plus, it’s large so it’s not very noisy at all.

Cozy and large!
Cozy and large! This is just part of the premises.
Korean cafe decor - a mix of cute and whimsical.
Korean cafe decor and a throwback to Descendants Of The Sun – a mix of cute and whimsical.

I like Song Hye Gyo, but I didn’t really enjoy Descendants Of The Sun. My boyfriend is Korean but both of us prefer to watch Western dramas like House of Cards and Westworld. We really recommend those shows. I think the only Korean drama we watched bits and pieces together was Wang’s Family, with his parents after dinner back in Korea. They were really fascinated by the drama.

We had an interesting conversation once. He’s very critical of Kdramas, grabbing his head and lamenting the state of the Korean scriptwriting industry. This happened more often during Westworld, because frankly, the creators are geniuses. I asked him not to be too critical of his country’s dramas – they are very popular despite their formulaic plots and scenes, and that’s really respectable to me.

Kdramas can be very interesting especially when they are dealing with family and class relations. When I used to watch Kdramas on Channel U, dubbed in Mandarin (he finds it terrible because the voices don’t match and sound shrill to him), sometimes, I can feel quite emotional watching them. I remember following Likeable or not quite closely!

Nowadays, I think China is catching on with catchy dramas though. When I see videos trending on Youtube, there are always good looking actors, some click bait title with a video that delivers like 总裁女朋友穿着太朴素,店员竟然瞧不起将其赶走,最后后悔了 (Company president’s girlfriend wore clothes that were too plain. The sales assistants looked down on her and chased her away, only to regret it!!!). Their copywriting skills are formidable.


First, we ordered drinks. My boyfriend is a big fan of goguma latte (sweet potato latte) and always drinks it when he’s back in Korea, so he and his friend had that. I’m not a big fan of the milky taste and needed some caffeine so I went with mocha instead.

Our three drinks.
Our three drinks. These were regular sized but it was a good amount.

Overall, the goguma latte taste was authentic. If you need a Korean fix or you want to try something new, this cafe can deliver it.


We ordered a croque monsieur. It was slightly pricey, but tasty nonetheless! The sandwich came with a nice dose of creamy cheese on top, which added to its fragrance. My boyfriend and I finished it pretty fast. I am personally a big fan of ham and cheese sandwiches and would recommend this dish.

Our Croque-monsieur (baked ham and cheese sandwich).
Our Croque-monsieur (baked ham and cheese sandwich). It was SGD9.

Overall, what makes me like this cafe is its huge space and cozy ambience. A nice place to chill and hang out!

Address: The Centrepoint, 176 Orchard Road #01-01/02, #01-03/04, #01-05/06, #01-103 238843, 102 Nanyang Cres, Nanyang Meadows – Block 102, Singapore 637820
Hours: 10AM–10PM

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