I bought an iPod to learn more.

A week ago, I purchased my second iPod. The reason I dropped around SGD500 on a small device was simple. I wanted to listen to my songs, books, and Spotify playlists on an Apple device while not eating up my handphone battery. I need to conserve my smartphone battery as my phone serves as a voice recorder for interviews, and also, to respond to emails and texts on the go.

The iPod was the best option.

It wasn’t easy to decide to get my silver iPod. I abandoned my shopping cart a few times, deciding that saving my money was a better choice. I can’t remember what was the straw that broke the camel’s back, but ultimately, I made the decision to purchase it.

Thanks to amazing logistics, particularly Yamato Transport, I managed to get my iPod by the very next day and set it up immediately. I started following a number of podcasts, listening to them at either 1.5 or 2x speeds. Here’s a couple I’m enjoying right now:

  1. Talk To Me in Korean: I’m an avid Korean learner, currently at level TOPIK 3-4. This is the most awesome learning resource for any Korean learners. Give it a go.
  2. Hot Copy: I aspire to be a good copywriter, and this podcast provides me tips to become better.
  3. Marketing School: I’ve found most of Neil Patel and Eric Siu’s tips on marketing enlightening and helpful.

iTunes U is also fantastic. I’m listening and learning about philosophy in my spare time, such as this course by Oxford University. I really want to deconstruct arguments and cut the fat. Mostly, I want to know what is “truth”. Since it’s nearing 2017, one of my top new year resolutions would be having an understanding of how philosophers think about truth.

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